2014 RMIT University research outcomes on the impact of the e.motion21 Beat Fit™ programs

RMIT University surveyed e.motion21 Beat Fitters and families on the effects of participation in emotion21’s newest fitness program. Here is a snapshot of some of the findings;

Beat Fit™ Overview

Beat Fit™ is a fast-paced, energetic group fitness program designed specifically for people with Down syndrome that combines dance, aerobic movements, the rhythm of drums and moderate-vigorous physical activity.

Impact on Cardiovascular Fitness

Across the course of the research project, a statistically significant and important improvement in cardiovascular fitness was observed. This was indicated by an average increase of 23% across the two terms in meters run in the Multi-Stage Fitness Test, commonly referred to as the Beep Test.

When compared to those who completed less than two sessions a week, those who completed two or more Beat Fit sessions a week significantly improved their fitness. This indicates that being able to do 2 or more Beat Fit™ sessions a week is very important to see the desired improvements.

Parent Feedback

Parents and caregivers found extra fitness benefits in their children following their participation in Beat Fit™, including increased stamina, greater willingness to be active and less tiredness.

Parents and caregivers support Beat Fit™, reporting their children enjoyed the sessions, improved their fitness, and supported good social opportunities and new friendships.

Attenuation of Weight Gain

On average, over the course of the research project, no increases in weight gain were observed. This suggests the Beat Fit™ has the potential to attenuate weight gain.

Community and Social Engagement

Compared to their peers, at the beginning of the research project, on average e.motion21 participants engaged in less community activities that allowed them to engage with their peers. This indicates that engagement in Beat Fit™ provides people with Down syndrome heightened levels of community engagement with their peers.