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Impact21 is a program of Inclusion Foundation, which addresses the alarming statistic that 95% of adults with Down syndrome are unemployed and therefore shut out of society economically and socially.

Our program creates meaningful and matched employment for Employers and young adults living with Down syndrome. It is a unique employer driven program creates real jobs, for real people, wanting to earn real wages.

The Victorian Government has committed to an investment in the Impact21 program after a successful proof of concept with 12 Graduates now in meaningful employment. This funding will ensure the continuation of Impact21 and the expansion to regional and rural Victoria. The funding will also enable us to educate and empower employers by delivering more inclusion readiness programs.

“We know that Victorians living with Down syndrome and intellectual disability face extra barriers to gaining employment and that’s why we’re giving them the extra help that they need to get real jobs. Sometimes it’s the ordinary things and low expectations that limit people with Down syndrome and we’re working with Impact21 to remove those barriers and help people into jobs.”

Victorian Minister for Employment, Jaala Pulford