For Employers

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Impact21 is unique because it has been designed with Employers for success.

Employees with Down syndrome are loyal, dedicated, they enrich culture, and bring different perspectives to a workplace.

Many companies talk about inclusion, diversity and social change, but what does this actually mean in a practical sense?

Together, the employer, students, Impact21 team and CVGT coaches participate in a journey to discovery, looking at workflows and needs of an organisation. We identify tasks and functions that are within the scope of our students’ capabilities.

We are calling on all Employers to embrace Impact21 and see the benefits for not only the Impact21 participants but also for your employees and more broadly your workplace including customers and stakeholders.

“The unemployment rate for people living with a disability is approximately three times higher than the average unemployment rate in Victoria. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We invite employers to be part of this successful program that creates real jobs for real people wanting to earn real wages. We’ll work with you to make sure that your workplace is ready. Our employers value and include our Impact21 graduates as they would any other employee and we want more employers to benefit and include these incredible young people as part of their team.” Cate Sayers, Founder and Director, Inclusion Foundation.

Partnering with Impact21 offers employers the opportunity to not only change the lives of individuals, but ensure their business is at the forefront of important social change.

Through building a close relationship with Impact21, we provide the confidence and capability in your business to be a disability-inclusive employer for people with Down syndrome and intellectual disability.