Our Programs

Moving towards an inclusive future

Emotion21 is a program of Inclusion Foundation. We want to change how the world views and values people with Down syndrome. Very often we think people with Down syndrome ‘can’t’ rather than ‘can’. Through performance-based activities and community engagement, emotion21 shines the light on ‘can’. Our unique programs provide evidence-based, dance, fitness and wellbeing programs for people with Down syndrome. The benefits are wide-ranging for participants and include health, exercise, social and self-esteem outcomes. These benefits in turn positively impact our participants families and the community at large.

Australia wide with live or virtual classes

Accredited NDIS program

Specialised teachers and low staff : student ratios

Working towards an inclusive future

Impact21 is a program of Inclusion Foundation, which addresses the alarming statistic that 95% of adults with Down syndrome are unemployed and therefore shut out of society economically and socially. Our program creates meaningful and matched employment for Employers and young adults living with Down syndrome. A unique employer driven program that is creating real jobs, for real people, wanting to earn real wages.

Employer driven for job readiness

Guaranteed employment at award wages

Post secondary inclusive education