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Our Story

Moving towards an inclusive future for people with Down syndrome

Cate Sayers saw first hand the devastating impacts of not being included. Back in 2009, her then-6 year old daughter Alexandra, who was born with Down syndrome, was not being included in the local dance school.

Cate started a single dance class which grew to become emotion21 as we know it, incorporating general well-being and fitness whilst tackling broader issues often faced by people with Down syndrome.

As Alexandra grew, the post-secondary school cliff was looming. It became clear to Cate that many people with Down syndrome had no employment prospects and the countless courses that were on offer lead nowhere.

What they needed was a program that was specifically designed to meet their needs, whilst meeting the needs of the Employer, to ensure longevity and success for both parties.

People with Down syndrome needed to be paid for their work, at the minimum award wage. Businesses needed to understand the positive impact and value to the organisation by including a person with Down syndrome in their workforce. Impact21 was conceived and 2020 saw the Graduation of the first 12 Alumni.

From the early days in 2009 and continuing today, Cate’s ambition was to create a for-purpose charity that champions the inclusion of people with Down syndrome. Inclusion Foundation encapsulates this ethos.

We see an inclusive world, where people with Down syndrome are equal, active, and respected members of society and this is brought to life through our programs; emotion21 and impact21 which run throughout Victoria with plans to expand across the country.

Today Inclusion Foundation is a fully endorsed Australian charity and recognised as a public benevolent institution with all donations over $2 being tax deductible.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to change how the world views & values people with Down syndrome.

We see an inclusive world where people with Down syndrome are equal, active and respected members of society. We support our vision through four key pillars:


We champion inclusion with the amazing and generous support of volunteers, local and national businesses. Come young, come old, come with knowledge, passion, a sense of fun and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families.


We set positive expectations for people with Down syndrome — and positively redefine those of society. Our initiatives and programs promote social inclusion, facilitate greater independence and empower people with Down syndrome to be all they can be.


We provide ongoing learning for people with Down syndrome that elevates and inspires them to do more, be more and achieve more. We use education to positivity challenge and change societal perceptions of Down syndrome.


Inclusion is a goal that requires energy, positivity and passion from those with Down syndrome and those close to them. People with Down syndrome can fill a room with their infectious spirit and zest for life – traits that run through every aspect of our organisation.
Our Values

Be Proud

Whether it’s engendering pride in those with Down Syndrome or taking pride in striving towards our vision, being proud is critical to all that we are, all that we do, and all that we want to overcome.

Act with kindness

Without exception or excuse, kindness is a non-negotiable within the Inclusion Foundation, while a more kind society to those with Down syndrome is a key objective we seek to achieve. Always.

Show courage

From dealing with day-to-day obstacles, to striving to achieve our important goals, our journey is one that needs a lot of courage. The courage to be yourself. The courage to highlight what’s wrong and stand up for what’s right. And the courage to keep going. Always

Open heart and mind

We are a head and heart organisation. Open your heart to others, show empathy and compassion, embrace difference and diversity. But equally, open your mind to new ideas and new ways to do things. Be open to change. Be open to inclusion.

See the person, always

Inside every body, behind every face, underneath all levels of human ability is a person with a unique story. Understanding and being empathetic to an individual’s story, their abilities, their perspective, and their family, is core to all that we do.