Employer Partnerships


Employers who work with Impact21 make a meaningful difference to the lives of young people who are often forgotten.

Many corporations are striving towards greater diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. This includes the way they recruit, market, represent and advocate for people of all creeds, religions, sexualities, gender identities and more.

A mere 9.6% of Australians with intellectual disability who commence employment are still supported and successful in that role after six months. Collaborating with Impact21 will give your business a tailored, supported and market-leading opportunity to disrupt this statistic, and better reflect society’s diverse demographic in their workforce.

Employers who work with Impact21 also make an incredibly meaningful difference to the lives and possibilities of young people who are often forgotten or perceived as incapable. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about becoming an employer partner.

You will be:

  • Putting values into action with full support from a team experienced in inclusive employment
  • Improving your inclusion/diversity capability
  • Diversifying your workforce and improving your culture of tolerance, communication, and understanding of people with Intellectual/Physical Disability
  • Gaining the most loyal, determined, committed and hard-working employees delivering against goals in corporate social responsibility
  • Committing to being a forerunner of this innovative program, a champion of disability employment and joining a network of like-minded CEOs and corporations
  • Achieving brand recognition and loyalty as an inclusive organisation constantly learning and having fun

Employer partners are expected to:

  • Participate in the discovery and development process for the customisation of employment roles, as well as artefacts such as employer-specific ‘workplace toolkits’ tailored to the organisation
  • Undertake an Inclusive Employment Readiness survey and commit to a development action plan drawn from the results to strengthen organisational capability in this area
  • Contribute sufficient management or staff time to support activities for students
  • Employer Partners are expected to attend monthly meetings with other likeminded employer partners and attend social networking events with students.
  • Allow work experience site visits to enable participants to experience working environments in situ
  • Participate in workplace development and colleague briefing events as needed
  • Support the internship phase of the program to allow students to obtain specific experience in the position likely to be offered

“JB HI-FI is a foundation employer partner with Impact21. We believe the Impact21 program will be game changing for the students, employers and their teams and the broader community. Impact 21’s leadership in this space is critical for inclusion for people with Intellectual Disabilities as they set the students and employers up for success.”

– Richard Murray, former CEO, JB HiFi

Current employer partners