Working towards an inclusive future.

Impact21 provides meaningful and matched employment for young adults with intellectual disability. This assists people in making a tangible and valuable contribution to their communities and to living their best lives.

The Impact21 program is an innovative school to employment program, developed in conjunction with Jobs Victoria and designed in partnership with DeakinCo and our alumni. The program works to develop independence, awareness of vocational options and to identify and build strengths and employability skills.

Given the success of Impact21, the Inclusion Foundation Board believes it is critical to make this leading approach more widely available. By joining forces with Yooralla, we can amplify our impact and pave the way for meaningful and matched employment for more people with disability.

Yooralla has an established relationship with Inclusion Foundation. They hosted Impact21 graduates in employment trials and have employed one Impact21 graduate in an administrative role in our head office.

“Impact21 is known in the disability sector and beyond, and has strong relationships with employer and industry partners,” Terry Symonds, Yooralla’s CEO said. “Yooralla will continue Inclusion Foundation’s great work in partnering with organisations and businesses to provide employment opportunities for people with intellectual disability. We are excited about the potential to broaden the reach of the groundbreaking program they developed,” Terry said.

The program has been renamed ‘Impact’ and is based at Yooralla’s Learning Hub in Footscray, but will be delivered from various sites in the community, including on-the-job training at employer sites. Inclusion Foundation’s Impact21 Manager, Sue Huffer, and employer liaison, Jordan Will Holland, have transferred to Yooralla with the program. Contact the team here to find our more!

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Moving towards an inclusive future

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