Working towards an inclusive future.

Impact21 provides meaningful and matched employment for young adults with intellectual disability. This assists people in making a tangible and valuable contribution to their communities and to living their best lives.

The Impact21 program is an innovative school to employment program, developed in conjunction with Jobs Victoria and designed in partnership with DeakinCo and our alumni. The program works to develop independence, awareness of vocational options and to identify and build strengths and employability skills. In 2024 this program will leverage its 4 years of experience and offer programming tailored to the needs of the individual or the institution.

Running from February to December 2024, school leavers will be encouraged to engage in the course over two years: the first year with foundational concepts that build maturity and independence; and the second year a concurrent class and work experience model. They will also gain experiential opportunities to apply skills across a variety of practice labs in hospitality, customer service and administration. Classes are conducted in Torrens University three days a week which provides opportunities to socialise, gain peers, and start to build a pathway to customised and open employment.

Inclusion Foundation also works with schools and can provide a 2-day per week version complementing school curriculum for those currently still in school (ages 16-18) who wish to consider their employment strengths-building with a curriculum specifically designed for intellectual disability.

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Moving towards an inclusive future

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