Enrol in Impact21 & FAQs

Enrol in Impact21 & FAQs

Why should I participate in Impact21?

To learn more and enquire about enrolling in Impact, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

Employers who work with Impact21 make an incredibly meaningful difference to the lives and possibilities of young people who are often forgotten or perceived as incapable. Learn more about employment partnerships with Impact21 or contact us to apply.

Through Impact21, you will have the chance to forge your own unique career pathway, establish greater independence, and learn lots of valuable new work skills.

Impact21 will help you to become the best and most professional version of yourself, by helping you work on your skills, emotions, fitness and nutrition, energy, and passions.

We believe in learning by doing with real-life work through hands-on practice, and we do that at both university and in real workplaces.

Impact21 has taken its knowledge of intellectual disability and learning and found what works to get you ready for employment.

We know that you and your young people have a wealth of experience in navigating, celebrating, and problem-solving your unique worlds. There’s a whole collection of passions, barriers, skills, challenges, and ambitions that we know come with that.

Impact21 works collaboratively to understand the needs of students and overcome barriers as a team. We regularly seek parent/key support person feedback and contributions when it comes to the program at regular intervals throughout the year.

Contact Yooralla for a detailed program overview and NDIS schedule of costs.

The program is based at Yooralla’s Learning Hub in Footscray, but will be delivered from various sites in the community, including on-the-job training at employer sites.