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Championing Inclusion

The Inclusion Foundation is a for-purpose-charity that champions the inclusion of people with Down syndrome. We see an inclusive world where people with Down syndrome are equal, active and respected members of society. Together, we stand proud, we raise our hands in the air, and we say to society, to business, to governments, to everyone, and to anyone… Count me in!

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Moving towards an inclusive future

emotion21 provides evidence-based, innovative dance, fitness and wellness programs for people with Down syndrome.


Working towards an inclusive future

impact21 is a program that provides meaningful and matched employment for Employers and young adults living with Down syndrome.


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A new beginning for Inclusion Foundation!

In late 2020 we were excited to announce our new name, Inclusion Foundation, in recognition of our expanded remit to provide employment pathways to people with Down syndrome.

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Kew-based movement and dance group sets a new world record

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2017 e.motion21 set a new Guinness World Records™ title for Most people drumming on a swiss ball simultaneously.

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How Cate Sayers is building a brighter future for individuals with Down syndrome

Cate and husband Luke Sayers were living and working in Washington DC with their young daughter Claudia when Sayers fell pregnant with their second child. They decided to return home to Melbourne to beclose to family and give their children all the opportunities an Australian upbringing can afford.

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