Diversity & Inclusion Dance Program

emotion21 has successfully empowered young people with Down syndrome to develop leadership skills, foster independence and express their creativity through the medium of dance. Several of our participants are now trained and experienced as dance teachers and instructors.

We are excited to offer an inclusive dance program to mainstream schools, led by our teachers with Down syndrome as instructors and facilitated and supported by our specialised staff. This brings a direct learning experience for your students about
inclusion and diversity through interacting with and learning from people with Down syndrome in a professional setting. This program represents a shift from theoretical or passive learning about inclusion and diversity, to a much more powerful personal experience through participation and interaction.

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Inclusive Dance Incursions

The Inclusion Foundation is excited to offer inclusive dance incursion classes specifically designed for students with diverse abilities. 

Our aim is to create a fun, engaging, and nurturing environment that promotes physical activity, social interaction, and personal growth for your students. By integrating emotion21 classes, your school provides a diverse, varied, education, fostering new passions and skill development while enriching the students’ overall learning journey.

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